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I am curious as to how she would’ve reacted to the other masks. 

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Western weeboo meets japanese weeboo

Half of tumblr is both at the same time

I know the first ones K-on! but anyone know the second one i got to see this for myself!

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lol, The Legend of Link: Twilight Prince ignore me please

Just having some more fun with Zelda role-swapping (or AU or i dunno), where Link is the prince and Zelda is the hero ( Zant and Midna have swapped also) xD  I looked at some iconic scenes from the game and redrew them. 

I might do some more screen shots!  This was too much fun~ 

I also did this pic of - Wolf Zelda a while back (in case your wondering what she looks like x3).

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A collection of my Pokemon Gijinkas I created over the past two days~

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